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Headstart specialises in refurbishments of all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to a huge and intensive challenge, we get very excited and pull out all the stops.
The next project was to create an exclusive offering to the young businessman and woman, appeasing their lifestyle with an environment that heightens the senses and delivered a beautiful crated space.
A derelict building dating back over a century offered first and second floors that had been left to gather dust and deteriorate to the core.
We began plans for transforming these spaces into magnificent apartments to match any that can be found in Manchester and London.
Both levels were stripped down to their bare brickwork and floorboards. With the finest designers in the region envisioning functionality, extravagance, sophistication and freedom of movement all working in harmony, two large apartments were then designed with style and comfort in mind.
The construction team diligently followed every instruction, replacing rotten walls, floorboards, window lanterns and woodwork. Entirely new environments were created, which were then fully furnished to an outstanding level.
With one three-bedroom apartment and the other boasting an impressive five bedrooms, each with four-metre high ceilings, these new homes also present a large dining room with twelve-seat table, a spacious living area, and kitchens and bathrooms that combine simple elegance with every form of modern convenience.
Headstart also incorporated entirely new plumbing and electrical systems, not to mention state-of-the-art technology for luxury living. As a result, each apartment is attractive, energy efficient, and designed to the latest health and safety regulations.
As for the ambience, enormous bay windows offer picture-perfect views, and an attractive rooftop area makes the ideal setting for social events. These apartments are the new paradigm of modern living.